banner_prosthetics_1When first meeting the client, we start with a detailed interview so we can design a prosthesis that meets your individual needs. Then we will explain why a particular prosthetic component or socket design will suit you the best. We encourage you to ask questions about your prosthetic limb and type of prosthesis that will fit you (Design Prosthesis, Development, Standard Prosthesis or Classic Prosthesis).

The process involves several steps which are divided into 2 appointments:

1. The casting (about 3 hours)- it involves taking a series of measurements and molds which will be used and refined in order to obtain the final shape of the prosthesis.
2. The coloration matching is made directly in front of the patient (for the Design Prosthesis and Development) respecting every detail: color, veins, freckles, etc… Nails are also subject to a measure, respecting the shape of each nail (square, oval, rectangular or even French Manicure)

The whole procedure from casting to delivery can take from one to four months.